Our many years in practice and our wide range of experience over that time in serving the SME sector of our economy places us in the position of providing a wide range of services for our clients.  Our taxation services include: 


  • Accurate application of the New Zealand taxation laws as they affect the returning of income and the claiming of deductions.  Advice on specific taxation issues confronting taxpayers relating to the likes of income splitting, determination of the most suitable entity to be taxed, and taxation advice on property and share dealing transactions.

  • Planning the payment of taxation to avoid IRD penalties.

  • Advice on other taxation and associated matters (GST, FBT and ACC).

  • Advice on taxation requirements with respect to employed staff and to contractors.

  • Advice on the taxation consequences for the different types of business entities (sole traders, partnerships, ordinary companies, look through companies and family trusts) and the creation of the most taxation effective structures.

  • Preparation and filing of annual taxation returns and administering taxpayer tax payment requirements.