Taxation - Introduction


Accountants provide the greatest level of advice and service to clients in the area of TAXATION.   Some aspects of our taxation system are relatively simple and straight forward to deal with, while others are complex and require more than just a reasonable understanding of both our tax legislation and case law in order to provide the best advice to clients.  These complexities sometimes need the assistance of solicitors or one of the larger accounting firms that specialise in dealing with the esoterics of our tax system.  We can provide advice on all the day to day taxation matters, and we have access to specialist advice, as required, in order to provide appropriate solutions to client taxation issues.

The sub-menus on this Taxation tab provides brief commentary on some of the more important topics associated with our taxation system.  We stress however, that this commentary simply touches on the topics at hand in a general manner.  Any particular situation, from a tax perspective, should be referred to us in the first instance in order that the most appropriate solution can be determined.  One of the main reasons for such referrals, apart from simply the need to "get it right", is to avoid unforeseen taxation consequences and above all else the imposition of what can be significant tax penalties.