Rotorua Accountants with the personal touch



We have been providing a wide range of accountancy services to the "small business" sector in Rotorua since 1996.  The practice (comprising three people) was formed by Len Watson after nearly 20 years in practice as a partner in a multi-partnered chartered accountancy practice in Rotorua.




The size of our practice in no way diminishes the range of services that we offer to clients or the expertise and quality of those services.  We have a policy of undertaking professional continuing education on an ongoing basis to ensure that the practice remains up to date with the laws of the land and business practices that are associated with these laws.  These law changes (including decisions of the Courts) create changes on an ongoing basis in areas such as taxation, trusts, relationship property and business structures.  Keeping up with these changes is vital to ensure that we are able to properly advise clients.  In addition to the ordinary accounting and taxation services that we have provided to the SME sector over the years, we provide advice and assistance on many issues of a non-accounting nature that affect our clients in the furtherance of their financial, family and personal objectives.